Commodity Recycling Solutions

Founded in 2012, Commodity Recycling Solutions (CRS) simply began as a three-person team focused on recycling.  The vision of owner, Joan Meeks, was to provide responsible recycling city, county, state and corporate businesses with a focus on rural communities.  With her vision Joan recruited Ken Meeks, manufacturing guru, and Elliott Meeks, young geeky entrepreneur, to help her start the company.  Though the company started in a garage today they boast a 11,000+ square foot warehouse processing facility.  Clients are located throughout Texas and adjacent states. This team's deep experience in customer service plus keen understanding of the real challenges facing recycling has lead them to provide solutions to service gaps that were – and still are – unmet by traditional recycling companies.  This three-person management team together with company team members focus on solution integration for customers providing channels to recycling commodity development in new markets and performance analysis for environmental stewardship.



Our client list has grown to service hundreds of companies and their employees to include:  Alcatel-Lucent, Recycle 2 Support, Zethernet, City of Stephenville, Hunt County and Quest Resource Management Group plus many more.   CRS is thankful customers allow us to share our knowledge of the importance for sustainability in the home, work place and community.

As the company business increased and became complex, CRS moved into full trans-loading integration (operation services for other recycling companies), recycling research and development (R&D), zero waste diversion programs and education engagement.  Expansion in 2015 enhanced our capability to offer not only fine tuned services, but continued solutions for customers and also recycling brokers who without our operation would be non-existent.

CRS is proud to operate on the concept of being a team not only internally, but externally as well.  People, planet and profit simplicity to assure future generations are protected.  Our company's core belief:

      "act responsibly today to create a ripple effect to last for generations."  Joan Meeks.