Electronic Recycling

Our company provides secure electronic recycling together with Information Technology (IT) Asset Management.  Upon receipt at our facility we operate with processes mandated by ISO9001 and ISO14000 (the International Organization for Standardization).  Following ISO's Quality Management and Environment Programs provides team members stringent procedures to follow for daily operations.  In addition, ISO provides non-questionable accountability with our company so as to provide our customers secure responsible recycling.  We are a leader in providing commodity recycling solutions for electronics throughout Texas so as to assure your equipment is reused, repurposed or recycled responsibly.  100% of electronic components received at our facility are diverted from landfills our company's core mission.


  • Laptops & Notebooks

  • Business & Personal Computers

  • Monitors

  • Computer peripherals - mice, keyboards, cabling, speakers, cameras

  • Data Center equipment - servers & server racks, HUB routers & switches, UPS batteries

  • Hard drives & Tape Drives

  • Memory boards & chips

Office Equipment

  • Printers - desk top, stand alone & fax machines

  • Architectural & Engineering Plotters

  • Telephones - Cell, desk models & switchboards

  • Memory boards & Chips

MEDIA Equipment

  • DVD/VHS systems

  • Camera - hand held, digital, video, wireless spy,

  • Movie cameras - personal & professional

  • AV Media metal equipment racks

  • Office & home entertainment systems

  • Projection - overhead, slide, & others

Don't see your item listed contact us via email crs@commodityrecyclingsolutions.com or telephone us at 817.300.6958.  We welcome the opportunity to assist our customers.

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